Monday, February 13, 2012

Funny Disneyland Story

Hello again. I passed my pre-preliminary moves and free skate. I will be competing at the end of March in San Diego at La Grande. 
I did finish and run the 5K through Disneyland. I had a blast! They had characters lined up on the sidelines for you to take pictures. The next day you get a twilight ticket into Disneyland. Here is a funny story about when we were on the Astro Orbiters in Tomorrow Land. My brother got his own rocket (he is 15) and my mom and me got into another. She had to be in front since I am a little bit taller than her, but not much. As soon as the ride started, my mom started screaming at the top of her lungs: "I WANT TO GO HOME"! Now this ride is just like the Dumbo one, only a little bit faster. We never even got to the top, since my mom had the controls. Of course, I wanted to be as high as possible, so I fought for the controls. Unfortunately, I never got them. She was screaming so loud that the people above us were laughing their heads off! You could hear them! Now the rockets are her absolute least favorite ride in Disneyland. However, since it was so busy, we only went on two rides: Thunder Mountain, and the despised rockets.
Yesterday we baked Sugar Cookies for Valentines Day. It was wonderful to have the family frost the cookies together.