Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hello!! I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend. I had my Private freestyle lesson with my coach and she gave me some bad news: I'm not allowed to attempt any Axels or Double Salcows until I get some new skates. :(  I'm not exactly thrilled about that, but I'm planning to go down to Anaheim for a fitting sometime this week. I have been going through some songs for my next competition and I have found some really neat songs such as: I believe in fairies-peter pan; overture-the little mermaid; and overture-singing in the rain.
My mom, my brother and I have signed up for the Disneyland fun run. It is a 5k through Disneyland park, and I am very excited!!  You run at 10:30 at night on Jan. 27 2012 and they have the characters for people to take pictures with, as well as bands playing music. I am so excited, I mean, How often do somebody get the chance to run through Disneyland?!!  Anyhow I'm looking very forward to it.
My mom made the best blueberry cake/bread today!! It was so delicious!! It was her own recipe! I also just ate a homegrown Watermelon from our garden and It has never tasted so good. I now know what a true watermelon tastes like. 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The competition

My first competition was on Saturday and Sunday. Compulsory on Saturday, and artistic and technical on Sunday. I was very nervous for my technical program, I was afraid of messing up on my step sequence, or wobbling on the landing of my half loop, or not holding my sit spin long enough, or being shaky on my right back-outside spiral. As you can see I had a lot of pressure for that program. But I was much more relaxed with my artistic solo. But I got 1st place in compulsory 1st place in artistic and 2nd place in my freestyle 4 technical program. It might sound funny, but I'm prouder of my 2nd place than I am of my other first places, cause I competed with two girls that 6 months ago, I would never even dreamed of competeing with them. My aunt (the 'allthingsyummy) gave my beautiful pink roses that she handed to me after my artistic program. They are the best pink rose smelling roses that I had ever smelled.

My 13 year old cousin helped out at the competition with me, she was the ice captain (she made sure that everybody was where they were supposed to be), and I helped out with the interpretive events and whatnot. Then my 15 year old cousin was the announcer, so that was very funny to hear his voice echo from all sides of the rink.

So now I can finally move on to more challenging things like the double Salcow that I have landed 3 times.  Tomorrow is my lesson, and I am very excited, so I can finally move on with my skating journey.