Friday, August 24, 2012

Show biz

Last Friday was a very wonderful day. I was able to be on camera. Our next door neighbor is in the entertainment industry and my dad's best friend. He needed a couple actors for a movie/ video thing, so he asked my little brother Cody(he is 8 years old). They(the film crew) started out at the Harbor and filmed Cody fishing and hanging out with his actor family. It was easy to see who the director was since he was wearing a directors trademark, a short-sleeved black shirt with glasses hanging off it. He was also the one shouting out orders and whatnot. After about two hours of baking in the sun watching Cody act, we could finally go home.
Later that day, my older brother Cameron was supposed to also be on camera but he had to back to school. So I was recruited in his place to be an extra. My job was to play basketball in the background. I'm a figure skater, not a basketball player unlike the other extra who was Cameron's good friend. Whenever I made a basket it was a big deal to me. Of course they got out the big camera's and such so it was a neat experience. And I will be getting paid, no idea when, but someday. It was really neat being on film.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Cause I had a bad day

Sorry I haven't been blogging! I have my skates now, they are perfect except the breaking in process requires a bunch of blisters and band-aids.
Today has been so warm and not the greatest day. I saw a car crash happen right in front of me at an intersection. Everybody was fine but it really shook me up. A couple other personal things happened. And all of this really shook me up. Then at skating practice I was right in the middle of take-off for a difficult jump and all of a sudden, the skin peeled right off a blister making it impossible for me to skate. So my coach gave me a blister pad which required me to take off my 3 pairs of tights and putting a hole in my brand new ones. I was in tears. $20 does not grow on trees. Yes. Skating tights are expensive.  So after I got myself back together, I resumed my lesson only to fall 20 more times. Time and time again I fell on my butt on the same stupid double Salchow. After 3 run-throughs in my program with music, It was taking up all of my willpower not to burst out in tears. I went home after a unsuccessful practice. Oh the drama. Tomorrow I am helping out at our rinks competition that I will not be particapating cause there's not a level high enough for me to compete at. :(

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New carpet!!

We got new carpet! It took many hours to unload the entire house besides the kitchen. Thankfully it was a beautiful day, with typicall SoCal weather.  After a very long couple of days, the carpet was in and and looking beautiful.   Before and after photos: