Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The weekend

I had a lesson with my coach on Saturday, and we worked on my freestyle 4 step-sequence and my routine from 'Singing in the Rain.'  The step sequence wasreally hard.  Feet moving this way and that way.  We also worked on my favorite, the Axel. I landed another one all by myself! I am very proud of myself, and last night, I went to the rink for my favorite ice skating day, Sunday night skating. Its when all of my practicing from the past week pays off. So now I dance/skate just for fun.  No practicing. I really enjoy it. And I also landed even more Axels. They are just so fun and spectacular.
It was beautiful Summer day today. I went swimming with my older brother and my younger brother in my neighbors pool. Since I'm home schooled, I do school all year long. And when I want to take a break, I am able to. So today I did my Biology and Algebra 1.  And of course I went on my walk and did other things like play with my American girl dolls, Brittney, Samantha, Nikki, and Hadassah. They are like sisters to me since I don't have any. Later!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The water park

68-76 degrees.
On Wednesday, I went swimming at a nearby aquatic center, You might be thinking why I didn't go to the beach. Well, the beaches here in CA are not warm, there are FREEZING cold. Anyway, I didn't go ice skating, it was one of my days off. At the aquatic center there are two large water slides that you could go down, one of them was a tube, the other was an open one. My cousin also went. She is the same age as me.

And Today, I went skating at around 1:30ish. You wouldn't believe it but I landed my Axel. I am so proud of myself! And I hardly even practiced it!I also competed with my cousin at 'shot the duck'.(a sit-spin exercise were you skate in a sitting position with your leg out in front you). And earlier, I went on a run with my mom's friends dog, Shady, a German Shepard. By the way, Shady doesn't let you walk, only run, so I hardly get a chance to catch my breath.But it's great exercise.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The first day of summer

      Today, it is 72 degrees where I live and the first day of summer.  It was cold and very gloomy when I went ice skating the morning with my cousin, Quinn. But now it is a cheerful 72 degrees.  I must say the vibe in the rink was not very joyful, so unfortunately, I was not very joyful as well. The vibe was probably caused by some other girls on the rink who didn't look like they were having a nice time. I even started crying!! Sometimes when there are girls who are doing so well with their routines, yours seems small and flimsy. compared to yours. I worked on my other routine called 'Leaving Paris'. It is from the movie 'Julie and Julia'. Today my jumps were not as high as usual, (probably due to the energy in the rink). In my song, I have a 10-20sec. long break where I have no idea what to do. I am trying to do footwork but it is a little hard doing that when you have only been skating for six months.( Yet I am a jumping Queen). I also worked on the dreaded sit-spin. :-(    Once I came home, I had a healthy lunch of sliced and diced potatoes. And later I am going to work on my spirals off the ice, and find some fancy footwork.   Later!  :-)

Monday, June 20, 2011

And later,

  I just got back from the rink, and I had the time of my life!!! I worked on my double salchow and my double flip. I am so close. My sit-spin is also improving. I must say, it is very fun to spin in the spot where most of the light shines almost like you are performing!( even though I never have).  Tomorrow  is Monday, another day of school and fun.  My mom used to pull the ole' while everybody is in school you are skating on a practically empty rink!'  but now she can't since its summer!!!!  I also realized something cool, if you dance when you are skating, you get just as much practicing in as you would otherwise only it's much more fun. Just a quick note: I think my daddy is the MOST best dad in the world! And I mean the world!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

My first blog

Hello all girls from around the world!!!!!  I am an 12 year old ice skater from southern California.  I have my mother's eyes and hair, and my daddy's heart and height.  I am 'all things yummy' (blog) adorable niece that she is always raving about!!!!! LOL

Yesterday, me and my awesome mommy, went to the rink for a private lesson with my coach. We are choreographing a routine from 'Singing in the rain'.  I haven't been skating for an entire year yet, but I have landed all of my singles ( Flip, Lutz, Loop, Salchow, toe loop,etc) everything except my axel.  I am currently working on my double flip and salchow.
I also made cupcakes with my 'all things yummy' aunt. 'All things yummy' is the name of her blog.  She is always talking about food she makes.  Anyway, back to the cupcakes...They were so yummy.  The frosting was the best.  Chocolate and homemade.  We decorated with chocolate chips and sprinkles.  They were for my dad for Father's day but I ended up eating a few.

My mom home-schools my two brothers and me. In public school I would be in 7th grade but I am currently working on Biology and Algebra one. My history is undecided at the moment, but I am taking high school writing as well.

 I live an hour, more or less, from LA and Malibu.

A regular summer day would be:
6:30- I wake up and go on a 1/2 hour walk with my cocker spaniel/golden retriever mix dog named Lilly.
7:00- I get back from my walk, take a shower, and have coconut oil with cinnamon on toast.
8:15- my cousins come over to be watched by my mom. They have been coming over since my 15 year old cousin was born. They are the same age as my brother I just mentioned, and me. On Tuesdays I take one of my cousins ice skating with me to a nearby rink.
11:15- done skating, come back home have lunch.  Usually salad with lots of dressing.( by then I have skated off all of my breakfast so now I'm starving.)
Somewhere in the afternoon I usually go for a 30 run.  My mom's friend up the street has a german sheperd I like to take with me.
3:00 PM- my cousins leave.
3:15- I start my school and finish at around 5:00 or 6:00 (I do some school in the summer too).
somewhere in between there I eat dinner, my favorite is teriaki chicken and rice with extra onions and garlic.
by 8:30 I am in bed and ready to sleep.