Friday, August 10, 2012

Cause I had a bad day

Sorry I haven't been blogging! I have my skates now, they are perfect except the breaking in process requires a bunch of blisters and band-aids.
Today has been so warm and not the greatest day. I saw a car crash happen right in front of me at an intersection. Everybody was fine but it really shook me up. A couple other personal things happened. And all of this really shook me up. Then at skating practice I was right in the middle of take-off for a difficult jump and all of a sudden, the skin peeled right off a blister making it impossible for me to skate. So my coach gave me a blister pad which required me to take off my 3 pairs of tights and putting a hole in my brand new ones. I was in tears. $20 does not grow on trees. Yes. Skating tights are expensive.  So after I got myself back together, I resumed my lesson only to fall 20 more times. Time and time again I fell on my butt on the same stupid double Salchow. After 3 run-throughs in my program with music, It was taking up all of my willpower not to burst out in tears. I went home after a unsuccessful practice. Oh the drama. Tomorrow I am helping out at our rinks competition that I will not be particapating cause there's not a level high enough for me to compete at. :(

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