Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hello!! I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend. I had my Private freestyle lesson with my coach and she gave me some bad news: I'm not allowed to attempt any Axels or Double Salcows until I get some new skates. :(  I'm not exactly thrilled about that, but I'm planning to go down to Anaheim for a fitting sometime this week. I have been going through some songs for my next competition and I have found some really neat songs such as: I believe in fairies-peter pan; overture-the little mermaid; and overture-singing in the rain.
My mom, my brother and I have signed up for the Disneyland fun run. It is a 5k through Disneyland park, and I am very excited!!  You run at 10:30 at night on Jan. 27 2012 and they have the characters for people to take pictures with, as well as bands playing music. I am so excited, I mean, How often do somebody get the chance to run through Disneyland?!!  Anyhow I'm looking very forward to it.
My mom made the best blueberry cake/bread today!! It was so delicious!! It was her own recipe! I also just ate a homegrown Watermelon from our garden and It has never tasted so good. I now know what a true watermelon tastes like. 

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