Monday, June 11, 2012

A Fantastic Practice Session

       How was everybodys weekend? Mine was quite uneventful. Today's practice session was fantastic, I did my program a couple times and successfully landed many axels and 3 double salchows. I finally got up the courage to try some sit spins(I fell on my head during a sit spin) and I did much better then I had expected. During my lesson, my coach and I worked hard on the arm movements for program ( I am skating to I Do Believe In Fairies from Peter Pan). The whole program is choreographed except the for the arms. I will post a video of it as soon as my program is decent enough to show you. We are dumbing it down for my preliminary test in July. You need to have a program with a flip,(no, not the kind were you turn upside-down, sorry) a sit spin, a forward scratch spin to a backward scratch spin, a single jump-single jump combo. I have, of course, all those, an Axel and my single jump-single jump combo is a flip-toe loop. Tomorrow is my second lesson with my stroking coach and I'm quite excited.  :)

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