Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The weekend

I had a lesson with my coach on Saturday, and we worked on my freestyle 4 step-sequence and my routine from 'Singing in the Rain.'  The step sequence wasreally hard.  Feet moving this way and that way.  We also worked on my favorite, the Axel. I landed another one all by myself! I am very proud of myself, and last night, I went to the rink for my favorite ice skating day, Sunday night skating. Its when all of my practicing from the past week pays off. So now I dance/skate just for fun.  No practicing. I really enjoy it. And I also landed even more Axels. They are just so fun and spectacular.
It was beautiful Summer day today. I went swimming with my older brother and my younger brother in my neighbors pool. Since I'm home schooled, I do school all year long. And when I want to take a break, I am able to. So today I did my Biology and Algebra 1.  And of course I went on my walk and did other things like play with my American girl dolls, Brittney, Samantha, Nikki, and Hadassah. They are like sisters to me since I don't have any. Later!!

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