Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The first day of summer

      Today, it is 72 degrees where I live and the first day of summer.  It was cold and very gloomy when I went ice skating the morning with my cousin, Quinn. But now it is a cheerful 72 degrees.  I must say the vibe in the rink was not very joyful, so unfortunately, I was not very joyful as well. The vibe was probably caused by some other girls on the rink who didn't look like they were having a nice time. I even started crying!! Sometimes when there are girls who are doing so well with their routines, yours seems small and flimsy. compared to yours. I worked on my other routine called 'Leaving Paris'. It is from the movie 'Julie and Julia'. Today my jumps were not as high as usual, (probably due to the energy in the rink). In my song, I have a 10-20sec. long break where I have no idea what to do. I am trying to do footwork but it is a little hard doing that when you have only been skating for six months.( Yet I am a jumping Queen). I also worked on the dreaded sit-spin. :-(    Once I came home, I had a healthy lunch of sliced and diced potatoes. And later I am going to work on my spirals off the ice, and find some fancy footwork.   Later!  :-)

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