Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Happy Labor Day weekend!!   Hope all is well!  On Tuesday, my mom and I went down to Anaheim, which is where Disneyland is, so I can get fitted for some new skates. We went into the shop, they measured me, and said since they don't have any skates in my size in stock, they are going to have to order them. It may take from 5 days to 5 weeks for the shop to get them in, but I hope that it is only 5 days. While we were in Anaheim we checked out the rink, which was only across the street! It is where the 'Ducks' hockey team train! And I was finally able to see pair skaters! It was amazing! They were even doing some really crazy lift where the male skates backwards with his arms not touching his partner and the girl is upside down grabbing on to his bottom half!! If any one knows what that is called, please let me know cause it was spectacular. At my rink, there are never any pair skaters, ever. So that was really neat.
    My coach recently taught me something new that I have been wanting to learn, a flying sit spin. A flying sit spin is were just as you are about to start your sit spin but you jump into the air in your sit spin position and when you land you start spinning.     I start school on Tuesday, or should I say I 'officially' start school on Tuesday. Since I'm home schooled, I kind of work on and off throughout the whole Summer. I know that probably sounds like torture to some of you, but I like it 'cause then I get a head start on everything. Happy Labor Day!!!!!!!

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