Friday, March 30, 2012


With my free time today, I was able to do a little redecorating. So, I moved a tall, black bookshelf out of my room. My color scheme is pink and white so the black didn't really go. Now I have plenty of space for my stuffed animals, and my other smaller bookcase. ( I love to read) My little brother, mom, and I all went to a decorating store to look for pillowcases and to find some new sheets. I'm working on completely redoing my room. Check out what I want it to look like at So far, I'm going to buy the duvet cover, curtains, and possibly the ruffle rings pillow case. My mom won't let me spend too much money since I'm paying for it, so I am going to make my own ruffle rings lamp shade. I can't wait untill I really get to get started.

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