Sunday, July 8, 2012

I passed my test with duct tape on my skates

I passed my Preliminary test! Now I can focus on my jumps and spins, at least when I get my new skates.

We ordered my skates in around Feb. before the accident, and around May we called and asked if we could pick up my skates. The order had been lost. So, we had to drive back down to LA (my mom was not happy) to get fitted again. And that was in May; here and I am in July and I have to put duct tape around the ankles of my skates so they don't collapse on me!! Anyway, my coach is really upset that the skates haven't come in yet. I'm going to call on Tue. cause their closed on Mon. Grrr.

Anyway, I passed my test with flying colors. And my mom wants me to take the next test at the end of September. We'll see about that.

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