Monday, April 23, 2012

Gloomy day in Southern California

It has been a very gloomy day once again. My school today was very easy and comfy. I did my Biology yesterday so I could have today off. Yay! I just got my Biology test grades back!! I got a solid A. Ever since I got clunked on the head, my grades have been much better. For my Bio. tests, I do the test on the computer at, then my teacher grades it when she has the chance. The teachers are other home school moms from the classes that I go to every other Friday. The moms get to pick the classes they want to help out in for 2 periods and then they the third period off. So my mom helps out with Kindergarten in 1st and 3rd period and she gets 2nd period off which is right before lunch. Where do we do these classes? We do them at a large church with a bunch of classrooms so have enough room. Every year we have about couple hundred kids ranging from newborns all the way through high school. There are so many classes to choose from like: Biology, Chemistry, General and Physical Science, Knitting, Papercrafting, Art, Watercolors,Acrylics, History, California History, PE, Automotive basics, Cake decorating, Literature, and so much more. Have a good rest of your day!

                                     Yes, that is me. Don't I look so happy doing my Algebra? :)
                                   That is not rain clouds, its gloomy, depressing fog. (sigh)

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