Friday, April 13, 2012


Happy belated Easter to you all!!  The other day, my big brother turned 16.  I wish him the best and maybe one day he will want to get a car.(he takes the bus to colleage because he doesn't want a car)
I'm so proud of my brother and all you have accomplished. He graduated high school at age 14 and started colleage at 15, homeschooling really work.
This week, my aunt and uncle came down from Sacramento to visit. My uncle had never seen Malibu, so my mom took them to see the biggest attraction, the big blue ocean. My mom said that she has never seen it so blue and clean, even though she has lived here most of her life.(she was born in Hawaii where her dad was stationed, he was in the military.)
Yesterday, was my best headache day since the accident. My headache started at 4:00 PM and ended at around 5:00. Usually, they start at noon and end at around 8:00. But the headaches are on and off. Maybe today will be my first day without headaches.

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