Friday, May 4, 2012

Almost fainted!

Today, I went to homeschooling classes. In the opening class (you could call homeroom), I started to overheat and get really dizzy. So, I put a cold water bottle to my head. That helped untill I went to my second class. About 15min into it, the same thing happened only worse. So I had to ask my teacher if I could leave the class and go get my mom. She completely understood and let me go. So I went upstairs where my mom was helping with the kindergardners and we went outsidde for a walk and I laid down. It finally went away after about half an hour and it hasn't come back again. Yay!! But don't get me wrong, It was very scary. So after lunch, I went up to my favorite class, Papercrafting and I made adorable cards for Mothers day and Fathers day.

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