Thursday, May 17, 2012

My first time skating

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Tomorrow is the last day of homeschooling classes! I'm so happy.
Anyway, on my last post, I said that I would blog about my first day of skating. So here it goes.

On Saturday at around 11:45, I took my first step onto the ice. It was between public classes so there is a 30min break for the teachers. During that time, skaters that are enrolled in the skate school are allowed to skate. I was not enrolled but that day I was helping my coach with the toddlers. I steped on the ice very timidly. And as I started to skate, I realized that I did not need to hold onto the wall. So I took my hand off the the wall and started to skate. It felt completey natural; like I had never stoped skating. I began to glide across the ice, saying hello to my cold and friendly long lost friend. I felt like I was flying. I had so much fun going around and around in the oval. This friday is my second time skating and my first lesson since the accident. I'm getting really nervous. The 30min went by so fast. Soon it was time to help out with the kids. All I really do it hold their hand as the march to the wall and back. That was my first time skating. My mom took some pictures; I have to figure out how to upload them first. I will post them when I can. Today, I am going to run and pratice my jumps outside on the grass. If I get one that doesn't show my falling on my butt, I'll post them. Have a beautiful day