Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Can I Go Yet?

As you know, I have had headaches almost every single day since February when I fell and hit my head on the ice while skating.  Which resulted in a brain injury, I actually had some bleeding on my brain.  Since that horrible day, I have not been able to ice skate, run, jump, dance, etc. All of this inactivity has resulted an extra 11 Ibs on my body. So I hope to lose that very soon. But I have kept my leg muscles and flexibility in tact, because leg lifts and stretching is about the only thing I could do. Today at my neurologist app. in West Hills (about 1 hour away from home). I told him that my headaches are daily, yet much less severe. He said he wants to put me on some medication to get the headaches under control.  Then he said the sentence that would change my day, week, month, and maybe year. “Since, it’s been long enough for your brain to have healed, you can resume normal activity, but if your headaches get worse…. Stop." He said that ‘my brain should be fine, just ease into your normal activity’. I did especially ask about ice skating and he sad it’s a go. He also claimed that my headaches are now chronic, but I don’t believe that because the acupuncture is really starting to help. So my guess is that I will almost headache free in about 2 months. That is my goal. Since I can start skating and running again, I won’t have time for headaches. J

          May I emphasis the 'You can resume normal activity" part? Isn't that like the best thing since sliced bread? I was overjoyed!! It took all I had not to laugh and scream out loud! I don't really care about the 'if your headaches get worse, Stop.' Okay, fine I do care. But I will pray and hope, and pray and hope some more that they will never get worse. He is going to put me on meds. but it is a very low dose. He just wants stop the headaches. :( I am a very anti-meds. person, but I need to get the headaches under control. I will be on the meds. for a min of 3 months. It usually takes 1 month for it to start working. Yes, WOW. That is a long time to start working. But, remember, 'You can resume normal activity'.  I did it!! Yippee!!  Yes, I will start off very slowly, so don't worry. Won't my coach be thrilled?!!!! I have a list of all the things I’m going to do. But, I think that’s enough for one day. TTYL!  J

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