Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mailman Sprays Pepperspray on Dog

Yesterday was awesome. I had an 1/2 hour lesson with my coach. We worked on footwork, jumps, and spins. I figured out after my lesson that I won't be able to spin for a while. A painful headache started to hi after my spins. So now, I have to say good-bye to my spinning to keep the headache from coming back. I have a lesson on Friday at 2:30, so I'm very excited.

Does your dog hate the mailman? Over the weekend, my sweet dog Lilly was hanging out in the front with my dad and his best friend. They were doing construction on the bathroom so the were cutting wood for the counter tops. And all of a sudden, Lilly tore across the street  like a bullet where the mailman was getting out of his truck, and loading his bag with mail. Lilly was seriously going to kill the guy if it wasn't for pepper spray. Yes. My dog got pepper-sprayed by the mailman. As my dad tells the story, he doesn't think that even the pepper-spray would have stopped her from biting his butt off. Afterwards, I had to go up to the mailman and apoligize, hoping that he wouldn't tell the city people.  How was yours?